We Are Danoy

Danoy specializes in personalized financial solutions for businesses. The company has been operating since 2015, functioning as the financial department for a diverse range of business clients, including startups, local branches of international companies, growing businesses, institutional organizations, and more.

The company provides its clients with individually tailored financial guidance. For some of our clients we serve as a full-fledged financial department. Others benefit from Danoy’s financial knowledge and expertise in specific areas such as payroll, account management, audits, or CFO services.

Danoy’s services enable our clients to optimize their operations, develop long-term plans, and manage the monthly cash flow of their business. The focus on financial management by Danoy ensures significant business growth and efficiency. Reliability, transparency, and precision are few of the values that guide Danoy’s activities, allowing it to provide excellent service to all its clients.

Proper financial management is one of the most crucial pillars for business growth. Danoy's essence is to function as a complete and efficient financial department for every business at every stage of its development, ultimately leading it to success.

Financial Excellence for Your Business

Danoy was founded by the senior financial consultant Aviram Arviv, a certified public accountant (CPA) with B.A. degrees in accounting and economics, as well as an MBA (both with distinction). Arviv has been involved in financial management since the year 2000. Throughout his career, Arviv has served as a CFO and CEO in several well-known companies and organizations. In these positions, he established financial departments, led efficiency and business development initiatives, managed numerous employees from various departments and fields, and more.

Aviram Arviv established Danoy with the understanding that financial knowledge and initiative are assets for any organization and company, especially those in growth or managing significant amounts within a limited human resource framework.

Arviv’s financial and business experience enables him to lead Danoy as a professional financial management company, delivering significant results in efficiency, saving time and money, and profit increase.

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