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About Danoy

Danoy specializes in providing financial services for businesses. Each of the company’s clients receives a customized solution that aligns with the business’s specific needs. Therefore, for some clients, Danoy functions as a complete financial department, professionally handling all aspects of the business’s financial management. For others, the company offers specific solutions, such as payroll accounting or CFO services.

Danoy was founded by Aviram Arviv, a financial expert who has served in key financial roles in well-known companies. Danoy’s clientele includes startups, tech companies, branches of international corporations, growing businesses, and more.

Our solutions

Proper financial management is one of the most crucial pillars for business growth. Danoy's essence is to serve as a complete and efficient finance department for every business, at every stage of its development, leading it towards success.


Working with Danoy had an a big influence on our growth. They take care of our salaries, bookkeeping, communicate with banks and authorities for us, and more. Their methodical work makes our financial day-to-day matters spot-on, so our employees and management can focus on growth and sales.
Yoav Venkert
Trusting Danoy with the finances of our local branch proved to be a strategic win. In addition to taking care of every day-to-day aspect, their experts help us with planning, budget vs. actual analysis, and other strategic operations. Their work has an incredible impact on our operation.
Noa Asher
As a global leader in the gaming industry, we require the best financial minds to come up with solutions for global issues. Danoy’s team constantly helps us with global taxing planning, cash management, communication with banks, and other tasks. Their involvement is highly regarded.
Eran Price
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Danoy are an integral part of our organization. Their commitment to service makes the financial aspects of our activity run better than ever. The financial strategy their CFO created for us in a real engine of growth.
Oded Valin
Co-Founder & CEO

Clients We Can Help


Assistance in fundraising, payroll, developing financial strategies, reducing costs.

Growing businesses

Effective financial management from an early stage of the business.

Local branches of global companies

International taxing, payroll accounting, communication with authorities, and more.

established companies

Creating a financial strategy and financial protocols, foundation for growth, and more.

Tech & communication companies

Financial council for efficiency in a competitive market, financial strategy, budget planning, and more.

Working with Danoy

Financial Knowledge and Experience

Working with Danoy brings experienced financial experts to your business, individuals with a background in managing finance departments of large and well-known organizations.

Efficiency and Precision

We work thoroughly, based on planning and careful consideration.

Financial Strategy

Our experts will develop a financial strategy for your business, taking into account the current situation, challanges, resources, and desired growth.

Availability and service awareness

High-level service is one of Danoy's fundamental principles. Our team is available for consultations and responds quickly to requests.

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