CFO Services: The Power of an Organization for Every Business and Enterprise

CFO Services: The Power of an Organization for Every Business and Enterprise

Aviram Arviv, founder and CEO of Danoy, explains how CFO services can be the mechanism for solid business growth for businesses of all sizes:


One of our favorite solutions we at Danoy is CFO advisory services. With this service we get to intimately understand the client’s operations and help them achieve impressive results more rapidly than anticipated.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) For Every Business

Let’s think about the management of a small company, like a startup. At the top of the company is the CEO, the person leading the organization. Below them, there will usually be a CTO, often coming from a programming background, a VP of Marketing, expected to bring years of experience in the field, a VP of Business Development, and so on.

However, many times, a CFO is absent from the core team of startups or small companies. Understandably so — founders are often focused on developing and marketing their product. Due to budget constraints and workload, it may not always be cost-effective for them to hold a full-time CFO position. Thus, financial management of the company becomes an additional task for the CEO or one of the VPs.

Sure, it’s a solution, but not an ideal one. Financial management is a profession in itself, with complexities and intricacies that take years to learn. Without an experienced financial professional, there’s a higher risk that the business won’t optimize cash flows ideally, won’t conduct properly in front of authorities, and may even make mistakes in calculations that allow it to continue to operate.

This is exactly where our CFO services at Danoy come in.

CFO Services with Danoy and Aviram Arviv

With CFO advisory services, even a small business can benefit from the experience and impact of a senior CFO. With this service, one of our financial consultants integrates into the client’s management and functions as the CFO. This allows them to conduct financial control, create processes, formulate a long-term financial plan, and even start building an organic finance department that will serve the organization in the coming years.

All this in a pre-decided work frame, formulated together with the client after understanding their needs and business aspirations.

The integration of a CFO is one of the keys to success for many businesses, especially those that started as startups, with a small workforce and relatively high budget responsibilities (usually from investment). If you are interested in incorporating a CFO into your organization, feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to answer any questions.

Best regards,

Aviram Arviv

CEO and Founder of Danoy

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