External CFO Explains: What is Corporate Inversion, Who Needs It, and How to Do It Right?

One of the intriguing moves in the financial world is corporate inversion. This process involves a local company becoming a subsidiary of a foreign company registered in another country (often the United States). The shareholders of the local company transfer their ownership to the parent company, which then becomes the owner of the original Israeli […]

The New CFO Has Arrived: The First 4 Things Danoy’s External CFO Will Do

One of the services we at Danoy most enjoy providing is outsourced CFO services. As part of this service, one of our senior financial professionals integrates as an external manager of the client’s finance department, thus offering the client organization the knowledge and experience of a senior and experienced financial professional. As an external CFO, […]

Corporate Taxation in the United States: What is Form 1099 and Who Needs to File It?

As a financial management company providing services to many startups, high-tech companies, and other international companies, we at Danoy work extensively with the American tax authority (IRS). One of the important forms in communication with the IRS is Form 1099, which is intended to report non-salary payments to any American entity. What does this mean? […]

Be Prepared: How to Be Ready for Due Diligence at Any Moment?

בדיקת נאותוות לחברה

Due diligence is a process in which a company is required to transparently provide information to an entity interested in its operations. In the world of tech and startups, due diligence typically occurs in the context of company sales, mergers, fundraising, IPOs, and more. At Danoy, as an external finance department, we have successfully participated […]

Cash Flow Report: What Is It, and Why Is It So Critical for Startups?

דוח תזרים מזומנים לעסק

Between 2011 and 2021, approximately 8,000 startups were established in Israel. This is a very impressive number for a small country like ours and further proof of our well-earned title as the “Startup Nation.” However, the reality is that not every startup succeeds. Out of the 8,000 startups founded in the past decade, around 4,000 […]

This is How Danoy Can Help Your Company with the Bank

Working with banks

There is one misconception that many companies, especially startups, hold, which ends up costing them a significant amount of money. This misconception revolves around the idea that when working with a bank as a company, one can conduct business with it as if they were an individual. In other words, the company can deposit money […]

Danoy Explains: What is Transfer Pricing?

What is transfer price

As a company providing financial services such as bookkeeping or payroll to international companies operating in Israel, one of the important topics we deal with is transfer pricing. It is important to understand the term and strive to manage it properly in order to minimize the risk of conflicts with tax authorities or issues during […]

CFO as a Service: Force Multiplier for Startups

CFO במיקור חוץ

Our role at Danoy is to serve as the company’s finance department. Each client receives a personalized service package from us, which may include services such as account management, payroll, bookkeeping, and more. However, there is one service in our work that we are particularly proud of. CFO as a Service. It was specially designed […]

CFO Services: The Power of an Organization for Every Business and Enterprise

Aviram Arviv, founder and CEO of Danoy, explains how CFO services can be the mechanism for solid business growth for businesses of all sizes: ———– One of our favorite solutions we at Danoy is CFO advisory services. With this service we get to intimately understand the client’s operations and help them achieve impressive results more […]

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